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We have come a long way since the 1970s: at USI Italia ours is a story of dedication, commitment and passion spanning 50 years.

A long journey that first crossed through Italy and then branched into neighboring countries, before moving on to the rest of Europe.

Today, USI Italia tackles the global market with tenacity, through a dense network of importers and 3 of its own branches: USI North America, USI Iberia, USI Brazil.

This journey shows that tradition and innovation have always been the unique mix of our success and how every-day challenges have made USI Italia a leader in the painting equipment market.

From our skilled workers to our designers and engineers, each and every one of our staff is completely dedicated to achieving the best possible results. For the past four decades, USI Italia has always aimed at developing technologies that adapt to all working conditions, increase productivity of the painting process, pay for themselves within a short time and represent the best solution in the collision repair industry at the lowest cost.

Italy is well-known for making some of the best things in the world, and USI Italia is surely no exception. Our products save shops money, time and energy and that's why we're one of the premier manufacturers of spray booths in the world today. USI Italia spray booths are carefully engineered, thoroughly tested and manufactured to lead the market.

With the World's Fastest Painting Cycle featuring shortest flash-off and curing times on the planet. You will never need additional tools in your booth such as blowers of any kind, IR or compressed air heating systems with a USI Italia booth.

With a USI Italia spray booth, you can rely on the same excellent results time and time again. Before we introduce a new model to the public, strenuous testing with a select system of controls is conducted, ensuring that it will perform at a high level in any shop environment.

With all of the latest cutting-edge products and components working together, the entire painting process is controlled and fully automated through our Easy Paint System. This option takes all of the guesswork out of the process, because with every cycle E.P.S. suggests the most efficient process with each vehicle in real-time and enables your crew to obtain the highest quality results in the shortest time at the lowest cost overall.

Especially ideal for waterborne products, USI Italia spray booths are durable and reliable while saving collision repairers time, energy and money by painting more cars with precision performance. Painters love USI Italia booths because the finished product is exemplary and while enabling them to paint more cars every day by tapping into our advanced technology.

For almost 50 years we have been looking towards the future. With CHRONOTECH, USI Italia has rewritten the history of Italian painting technology in the automotive sector, placing innovation and research at the forefront of the fine art of painting.
Thanks to a continuous exchange of information with paint manufacturers, our solutions have very often revolutionized painting practices in small and large repair centers.

The USI Italia team, led by a skilled international management team, combines the passion, curiosity and enthusiasm of young people with the decades of experience of engineers, transforming bold ideas into the new generation of painting systems – at the cutting edge of technology – for the future.