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IRT Heat Lamps

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We sell and support the IRT line from Hedson Technologies – from rail systems to mobile units. These infra-red heat lamps are well-designed, repeatedly ensuring your curing projects' success.

Some of the key benefits include:

  • Smart foot design allows units to get under low cars. (It’s even possible to place the mobile dryer around a wheel.)
  • On larger models, the stand arm allows it to reach above the roof of high vehicles (including SUVs) and still stand steady and stable on the floor.
  • The low center of gravity on mobile units allows them to easily move around the workshop.
  • Well-balanced and leveled arms allow the cassettes to easily aim at the surface to be cured.
  • Gold-coated reflectors provide a more even heat distribution and a larger curing area than conventional reflectors.
  • All paint materials on the market can be handled with the 12 preset and 3 custom programs.